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DIY heaven made for only $4,000 (9 HQ pictures)

DIY heaven made for only $4,000 (9 HQ pictures)

Located in a two-acre property, surrounded by nature, this petite house by Herrle Custom Company is for those who want to purchase an aesthetically pleasing and affordable home. The trees surrounding the house offers privacy to the resident. It would serve as a break for those stressed out by their hectic schedules.

As you go inside this humble abode, you will find a beautifully decorated interior with interesting knick-knacks placed all over to add color and cheer to the home. Don’t let the size of this structure fool you. The space may be limited but the amenities of this house are well-arranged and strategically placed to avoid that cramped feel and to give the illusion of spaciousness. In order to save space, there is a single hot plate for you to cook in and a composting toilet. As you climb up the ladder, you will find a cozy loft that serves as the bedroom. The windows provide a beautiful view of your surroundings and not to mention, inviting in the fresh air. In terms of heating, there is a kerosene heater to help you warm up during the winter. However, if the temperature gets too low, you can take refuge in the main house and find comfort and warmth in front of the fireplace.


The outside of the house features a front porch, overlooking a cranberry bog. This is a perfect spot for you to place several chairs as a hangout place and enjoy the crisp, cool air. The house exudes a simplicity that really draws the eye.The size and the frugal nature of it is also a good reminder that sometimes, we can survive – even flourish if we live our lives by just having the necessities and dropping the frivolous things that are merely wants and desires.

Contractor: Herrle Custom Carpentry


Size: 200 sq. ft.



Source: Herrle Custom Carpentry