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Complete Timber Kit Home from $160,237

Complete Timber Kit Home from $160,237

Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes has created one of the most beautiful log cabins you can possibly imagine. This property spreads out at 56 by 61 square feet with an optional basement underneath it. It is made from the sturdiest wood material, accentuated with brick stones to make the house susceptible to any weather condition.

This two-storey wooden home comes with a two-door garage in the lower level of the house, as well as a wide front porch and a large open deck. A bonfire pit with matching cozy chairs is also available outside, giving you a warm place to chill at night. The bonfire pit is located opposite the large open deck.


Interior wise, the house comes with a warm glow as it basked in yellowish woods and brick stones. The living area is highlighted with a brick fireplace adorned with stacked logs as a design for the walls. Right across the living area, you can see the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen area is adorned with granite countertops with the kitchen lights hung right above it. The glass lamps hanged on the thick tree branch are what make the lamps look unique and intriguing. Indeed, the kitchen area is a mixture of both modern and classic design blend into perfection.

What’s even more stunning is that the house has a wine cellar. The wine cellar is decorated with comfortable chairs for inhabitants to relax and get their fill of wine.  It also has a game room which consists of a pool table intricately made from the same wood material of the walls.

If you are looking for a classic home in the woods, then you better check this house for inspirations, or better yet, you can contact the contractor for more details.

Contractor: Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes

Stats: 56’ X 61’ with optional lower level.

Price:  $160,237

Source: Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes