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Japanese style cabin made from scratch for only 11K (16HQ pictures)

Japanese style cabin made from scratch for only 11K (16HQ pictures)

Deep within the forest, amidst the thick foliage and trees, stands a quaint little house. Constructed by Cape Falkon Kayak,  this beautiful cabin in the woods is greatly inspired by traditional Japanese designs. The attractive slope of its roof will surely catch your attention, as well as the clear glass windows that allow sunlight to filter through and fill the room with warm light. The house is designed in a way that does not dominate the landscape but rather, it compliments it instead— blending seamlessly into the earthy greens and browns of the forest where it is located.

As it is tailored after the Japanese architecture, the saying “Simplicity is beauty” would be fitting to describe this house. The structure features large beams, natural timbers, and plaster walls while staying true to its Japanese influence. As you step inside, you will find a minimalist interior which was carefully planned out by local artists. If you’re looking for a place that offers little to no distractions, then this place is for you. There’s a corner of the house where a slightly raised platform is built. It is an optimal spot for reading a good book, relaxing with your loved ones or just basking in the wonder of nature and how it’s surrounding you at this very moment. Just add in a comfortable mat, a load of pillows, and you’re all set!



One thing that makes this cozy house special is the means of procuring the materials for construction and interior decoration. Most of the materials were salvaged by the creators from within a ten-mile radius of the location of the house. This is perfect for somebody who wants a little bit of soul and personality in the places they would like to stay in. This is the ideal house for a person who is searching for a place of serenity or a temporary escape from the frenzied pace of life.

Contractor: Cape Falkon Kayak


Size: 200 sq. ft.



Source: Cape Falkon Kayak