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Cosy 1,600 Sq. Ft. Wooden Trout Fishing Cabin (8 HQ Pictures)

Cosy 1,600 Sq. Ft. Wooden Trout Fishing Cabin (8 HQ Pictures)

This Wooden Trout Fishing Cabin is surely a spot wherein people who love the outdoors can appreciate its general design. Salaarc, the one who designed the place, wants to promote something that would directly influence an activity related to the outdoors, so they made this house as a cabin type. In this kind of house, it is strategically located in a spot wherein it is away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and built in an area where the house is surrounded by nature.

When you look at the sample pictures below, you will see how great it is. Imagine going home to a place like this and relaxing after a day of hunting; the mere sound of it like music to the ears. From the outside view of this charming house, you can clearly see firewood being stacked, which means that during cold nights, a person living here will be guaranteed with warmth.

Also, since a porch is made, ultimate relaxation can be within reach, for it comes with wooden chairs that you can sit on as you unwind and watch the surroundings. Inside, one thing that you can immediately notice is how short the ceiling is, but that doesn’t mean it is something bad. In fact, the short ceiling design adds more charm and coziness which is ideal for cold settings like in a forest. All in all, the place is very homely and at the same time comfortable to live in; the rooms are especially kept pleasant and snug. Lastly, despite not being so spacious,  a great vibe and a cozy feel are still intact.

Stats: The cabin is 1,600 square feet, upper and lower levels combined, not including the screen porch.


Source: Salaarc