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Award-Winning Timber Frame Vermont Farmhouse (12 HQ Pictures)

Award-Winning Timber Frame Vermont Farmhouse (12 HQ Pictures)

From the title itself, you can clearly see that this Timber Frame Vermont Farmhouse is highly adored by onlookers. Such a house is truly considered a place worth staying. When strolling outside, one cannot simply overlook and not notice how well blended the colors are on the exterior. The shade of green on the roof and the touch of light brown on the wooden walls give off a pleasant scene, especially during day time.

Inside this wonderful farmhouse, it does not only contain the typical rooms. While it offers an open area wherein you can operate in the kitchen, eat in the dining room, and rest in the living room in just one big space, you can also spend your time enjoying and playing instruments in the music room over the garage area. Not all timber frame houses contain a music room to tinker, so it is a really special addition to the farmhouse.

Bonin Architects did a really good job in making such a comfortable and lovely place to stay in. Everything looks perfect and complete because it got everything you would look for in a house. A pantry is set just on the first floor of the house, and when you think you need to prep for a bit, a powder room is ready for use. Also, bedrooms are generously designed, and the closets are plentiful in every room. All in all, each room is given a simple yet stylish look. The interior part of the house has a high ceiling, and the whole place is very spacious and homey.

Stats: 3,200 Sq. Ft. Custom home, plans not available to public due to companies privacy policy.

Bonin Architects

Source: Bonin Architects