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Custom Regular Timber Frame Home (18 HQ Pictures)

Custom Regular Timber Frame Home (18 HQ Pictures)

Just like any other timber frame houses, this custom regular one designed by Kenorah is built to provide comfort and style. Any person living in this house would surely appreciate its class. From the exterior up to the interior of the house, you can clearly see that it is made with mastery. It is no wonder why a lot of people had asked Kenorah to design houses for them.

This group is one of the most known and trusted designers when it comes to timber frame styles, so the outcome is always top-notch. As you look at the pictures below, you can see that the house is located next to wonderfully stacked boulders which automatically add that nice effect from a distance. Surely, a house with such a great front view will instantly lure you to take a peek of its inside. Expectedly, the interior of the house does not fail anyone’s judging eyes, for it is abundant with stylish materials.

When coming inside this custom regular timber frame house, you will notice that the living space does not only have a fireplace for warmth, but it also has a decent lounge wherein people could relax and appreciate the goodness around them. It has that chic feel, and it is very much pleasant to the eyes. In the kitchen and the dining area, you can clearly see that the whole space gives off that clean and regal feeling, especially when you notice the chandeliers and the elegant wooden tables and chairs. Lastly, behind draped curtains, a great view of the outside is presented in all the strategically positioned bedrooms. All in all, the place is what we can call a house of simple beauty and great style.

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Source: Kenorah