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Smart Ecology Home w/ Timber Wood Siding (8 HQ Pictures)

Smart Ecology Home w/ Timber Wood Siding (8 HQ Pictures)

Madeen, a group of home designers and architects, made this Small Ecology Home with Timber Wood Siding. From the pictures below, the first thing that you will notice is how high the house is. Typical for timber houses, this Smart Ecology home also has that tall characteristic. For some, it may not strike to them as appealing since the outer part of the house may look too dark, most especially when night time comes, but when you see through its simple nature, you will definitely notice how charming this house is.

Due to its wooden body, this lovely house gives a vibe that you usually get when you are in the woods. Its naturalistic look will instantly appeal to anyone who enjoys a house that’s closely linked to nature.This house’s general look from the exterior appears to be very inviting since it possesses a warm aura from the outside environment. Also, its huge and tall appearance makes anyone interested to explore the interior.

Once inside this ecology home, you will be welcomed with a living room full of huge glass windows that make anyone awestruck. Its dining area and kitchen are also kept captivating by incorporating designs that blend naturally with the house. Every room is kept simple, warm, and stylish that staying in such a place would be really enjoyable. Madeen made sure that living in a house like this will not only bring in comfort, but it will also connect you to your natural surroundings, so when planning to stay in an area with teeming nature, this type of house is totally perfect!


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Source: Madeen