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Wanna know how a $30,000,000 wooden ranch looks like? (23 HQ pictures)

Wanna know how a $30,000,000 wooden ranch looks like? (23 HQ pictures)

This 5,227 square feet wooden ranch is located in the county of Lincoln in Wyoming. Built in 2010, this wooden ranch has access to several picturesque environmental views, such as mountains and valleys that showcase the beauty of Wyoming.

The exterior of the house is made of cedar, stone, and wood that mix well with the environment. The roof area of the house is made of metal to offer better protection against the elements. Its driveway is made of asphalt and gravel, making the driveway less susceptible to cracking.

The ranch has its own well aside from the community water. There is a large area where you can make a garden and plant your own plants. An irrigation ditch connects the nearby river to the ranch for easier access to the natural water for the plants and trees.


The interior of the house is made of cedar, reclaimed barn wood and stone, which are painted in a mixture of different colors. This ranch is furnished with furniture pieces and appliances designed to suit its simple yet elegant interior. It has 7 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 2 fireplaces and comes with central air conditioning to make you feel comfortable. There are also forged air ducts and hydronic in-floor heat system for better distribution of heat inside the house. G-Green materials and hickory are used for the hardwood flooring to make it durable and eco-friendly.

Each room is spacious and has pleasant lighting that exudes comfort and relaxing vibes. It has also dedicated rooms like a pantry, media, exercise, study, workshop, eat-in kitchen, and a recreational room that can be used by your family and friends for certain activities.

The ranch is not located in a crowded subdivision, making it perfect for the people who like peaceful environment. Nature-loving people and people who want to get away from the urban cities most likely would love this ranch.


Contractor: N/A


Size: 5,227 sq. ft.



Source: TCCG Real Estate