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Upside-Down Illusionary Wooden House for Fun Lovers!

Upside-Down Illusionary Wooden House for Fun Lovers!

Have you ever been inside the upside-down house? Well if you haven’t then we recommend to try it and visit one close by when you get a chance! One of our readers found this home while traveling through Eastern Europe. Even though you can’t buy it nor we have the floor plans, but we still decided to share this quick tour around this lovely and funny looking wooden house.


Our readers were walking around and having a look at one of the most beautiful resorts in Eastern Europe, when they unexpectedly stumbled upon this crazy looking house which was upside down. As John mentioned it looked impressive and funny at the same time. Without much thought, they decided to enter and see what was inside.

To their surprise the house made them laugh on every step as they did not expect that the brain will feel confused due to all the furniture sticking to the ceiling. The gravity felt different, John said that he was constantly bumping into walls, feeling dizzy and sort of drunk. On the ceiling, they found attached furniture, beds, clothes and even slippers! It was all created as if it was a real home except this one – upside down. The toilet made the visitors laugh the most 🙂

According to our readers, this short visit of upside-down wooden house was unexpectedly funny and entertaining. They wouldn’t probably build one for themselves because feeling dizzy all the time would be quite inconvenient, however, they recommend to visit a similar illusionary house in your town when you get a chance! It’s a lot of fun!

Stats: upside down 🙂

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