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Picturesque Little Timber House in the Mountain (10 HQ Pictures)

Picturesque Little Timber House in the Mountain (10 HQ Pictures)

Tired of living in the busy city, with all the noise the hustle and bustle that large cities create? Are you looking for some healing and relaxation that only nature can provide?

Then this wooden house is perfect for you!


This picturesque little wooden house is built for nature lovers and people who love the idea of a quiet and peaceful getaway.

The house is situated on the mountain, where you can wake up to the sun hitting your skin, fresh air and a magnificent view of the like and the mountains.

This home was designed with great precision and built with the finest timber and quality materials in order to accommodate its owner’s demands of having a house that can be easily assembled without compromising its design and layout principles.

With its simple yet elegant design, this wooden house will capture anyone’s eyes. It might seem a little small on the outside, but the interior design makes the area more spacious and can certainly give you the peaceful vibe you’re looking for.

This little house is also ideal for book lovers who just want to wake up, make a cup of coffee, sit on the small balcony and read a good book while enjoying the gorgeous views.

Be it alone or with someone special, this house is the place you need if you’re looking to escape from the city’s busy life!


Built with cross-laminated timber or CLT, this unique home utilizes solid, structural, laminated wood components that are factory cut with great precision, which greatly reduces on-site labor, making it easy to ship and assemble even on remote sites.

The panels, compromised of layers of solid lumber that are laminated together, can be fabricated as large as 8’ x 64’ and up to a foot tick and the applications for this material range from small buildings to large, multi-story structures.

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