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Meka dream homes for 215K (12HQ pictures)

Meka dream homes for 215K (12HQ pictures)

Meka Dream Homes by Meka World are not just superior in craftsmanship but also environment-friendly. Since the inception of these dream homes in 2009, the designs increased in demand globally. Meka World has served different clients worldwide, delivering them with these environmentally sound modular living and work spaces designed with superior quality and state of the art structures. These modern-day buildings are easily shipped anywhere and can be installed readily. These dream homes are designed to suit perfectly with nature, adding a view to the environment while providing immense comfort and safety to their owners.

The Meka Dream Homes are primarily designed for easy shipment. Its shape and size are custom-made to fit the standard modular units of an ISO shipping container. Surface area is about 1280 ft2 with a footprint of 16’ by 40’ and height of 19’. It is perfect for shipment via ship, truck, or rails. Transporting them is never a hassle as they fit any vessel just like any cargoes. The sturdy and strong foundation makes them transferrable and easy to install without the need for further repairs.


Every Meka Dream house is built with superior design serving its function. The modules are crafted with high-quality materials for a stable foundation and long-lasting usability. The interiors are arranged magnificently for its maximum functionality. The space inside is divided and utilized perfectly to make the home living complete. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two floors inside the building allocated for the needs of a home.

The modular is not just about the lofty design. They are also made intricately to meet the standards of the local building code. All the necessary parameters needed for homes and buildings are achieved with every module, making them ready to install anywhere. Meka Dream house is a structure that is aesthetically great without compromising the safety and security. Lastly, every Meka modular building is environmentally suitable anywhere. The strong foundations are made to withstand floods, earthquakes, high winds, and heavy loads. They are also made to last under different seasons and weather conditions. MEKA continues to fashion innovative modular construction and assembly techniques to create better value for customers. It is the dream of the company to make a difference by creating a more sustainable world and create a product that is stronger, faster, and superior.


Contractor: Meka world


2 bedroom
2 bathroom
2 floors

Surface: 1280 ft2 (118 m2)
Footprint: 16’ x 40’ (4,9 x 12,2 m)
Height: 19’-0” (5,8 m)



Source: Meka world