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Jaw Dropping Timber Cabin w/ Luxurious Interior Design (20 HQ Pictures)

Jaw Dropping Timber Cabin w/ Luxurious Interior Design (20 HQ Pictures)

Dreaming of having a perfect summer house? Or spending a weekend getaway somewhere luxurious but with an affordable price? Then this wooden cabin was made just for you!

Made from the finest timber and glass; this jaw-dropping timber cabin with luxurious interior design is something to look forward to. This luxurious cabin screams class and extravagance. What makes this cabin stand out is the simple yet classy combination of glass and timber on the outside and the luxurious details and design on the inside. The wooden cabin’s overall landscape paired with its remarkable structure will definitely blow your mind.


This ranch-like cabin is for people who like a house with a magnificent interior.  Every area of the cabin is designed to let people feel comfortable and at home. The high ceilings, vintage-like chandeliers, state of the art kitchen, spacious and chic wooden hallways, wooden floors, marbled bathrooms, cosy living areas, and the three wooden garage will make you want to think you’re in George Clooney’s private island home!

The cabin also has an outdoor fireplace, making it ideal for late night talks and sharing cups of coffee during day time. The view of the outside adds to the beauty of the place– a total package indeed! The cabin is situated in an elevated area and gives a stunning light display during night time. The surroundings of the cabin, however, is made up of a brick porch and a brick road, simple yet attractive

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Rocky Mountain Homes

Source: Rocky Mountain Homes