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Exclusive Timber Frame Home (27 HQ Pictures)

Exclusive Timber Frame Home (27 HQ Pictures)

Truly considered to be one of the most sophisticated timber frame houses ever made, this Exclusive Timber Frame Home made by Ksaarch is definitely one that you can’t just overlook. It is hard not to glance at this magnificent house due to its enormous size. Of course, it is not only its size that makes it appealing; together with its hugeness, this classy house is packed with great interior and exterior designs, color combinations, lights, and beams and arcs so sturdily made that you can’t help but find beholding it indulging.

Also, one cannot simply deny how great having an outdoor campfire area is; when there are several chairs surrounding the campfire, having marshmallows and stories are just ideal casual activities. Another thing so magical about this house is that when the night comes and darkness engulfs the whole surroundings and the houselights are then switched to life, everything becomes extra delightful. Because the house is made with so many glass windows, nightfall always would make the whole house lit up with brightness.

Surely, a house that has great outside would also look excellent inside. The interior of the house is truly breathtaking. The lighting simply brings out the elegance of the whole place, and the furniture adds more charm. All in all, the place is not only a pleasant space to see, but it also maintains enough comfort, convenience, and style to make your time in this timber house certainly unforgettable.

Stats: 8,500 sq. ft.


Source: Ksaarch