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Cozy Complete Timber Cabin for $59,300,

Cozy Complete Timber Cabin for $59,300,

Simple and humble, the Timber Cabin by Coventry Log Homes, offers a cozy place for the cold winter nights. The loft is entirely made of wood except for the roof. This provides a country and homey feel where one could find the warm of companionship amidst the freezing snowstorm. This place is perfect for anyone who would want to be free from the clutter and complexities of city life and appreciate the simple country life. Imagine sitting laid back on those plaid couches, hearing nothing but the howl of winds carrying the snow. This freedom from disturbances allows one to connect with his inner self and help discover new aspects of life.


Aside from the living room, the house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The bedroom is well-spaced and has a window to allow sunlight into the room to brighten one’s day. Meanwhile, the bathroom has the required necessities to fulfillments one’s need. The house also has a kitchen, equipped with a two-door refrigerator and a marble-finished countertop. Also, it has lots of cabinets to store those nutritious groceries. There is also a dining table nearby which makes the transfer of food from the kitchen to mouth a lot easier.

The Timber Cabin is nor grandiose nor super-expensive, but its key quality is its simplicity. When the world is full of unnecessary distractions, it helps sometimes to disconnect and start with the simplest. There is beauty in simplicity, and in its own way, this house is a beautiful sight to behold.

Contractor: Coventry Log Homes


Foot Print: 24′ x 28′
Sq.Ft: 1,008
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Loft: Yes
Open Concept: Yes
Cathedral Ceiling: Yes

Price:  6×8 Complete Package $59,300

Source: Coventry Log Homes