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Modern Lakeside Timber Home in Texas.

Modern Lakeside Timber Home in Texas.

“Wow” is the only word that can describe this majestic house. The Modern Lakeside Timber Home, made by Texas Timber Frames, is the grandest of grand and would make one feel like a modern king. The picturesque view that the backyard offers, with its swimming pool and jacuzzi, is the perfect place to set up a barbecue or pool party. The guests can either lounge on the cozy chairs while enjoying the view or chill beside the pool.

Situated on a hill, the house is overlooking a lake, and what a breathtaking view it is.


Matched with the design of the outside, the inside space is accented with wood arches that give it a rustic feel. However, the chic furniture provides a splash of modern in the large space of the house – a contrast that is very pleasing to the eyes. Speaking of space, space is something this house has plenty of. The living room is large enough to accommodate about 20 people while the master bedroom is large enough to have its own TV and fireplace. This bedroom has a glass panel wall which gives a perfect view of the outside. The bathroom is also spacious, complete with a bathtub and a shower. The kitchen is also a magnificent space, the center of which is expansive marble countertop. The house even has a mini-theater, with a wide screen projector and seats with cup holders.

The house is definitely a stunner. From the backyard to the living room, bathroom and mini-theater, one would feel like a modern King.

Contractor: Texas Timber Frames

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Source: Texas Timber Frames