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Wooden heaven-like home (9 HQ pictures)

Wooden heaven-like home (9 HQ pictures)

This wooden heaven-like home fully integrates a modern concept into its construction. It is designed by Nagie Hartray Firm of Chicago and accomplished by Teton Heritage Builders. This sprawling wooden house stands tall with its two floors and high ceilings. It is truly cavernous and can accommodate a large number of people. A lot of thought and creativity was put into the making of both the outside and the inside of this house.

A combination of wood and glass is utilized in the style of the house. To make it appear sleek and modern, the designer made use of clean lines and a spacious ambience. For its siding, Western red cedar was chosen while Spanish cedar with bronzed cladding was fitted for the windows. The house is built upon a rugged mountain setting and has a chimney made of local stone that helps link it to its environment. Throughout the layout of the house, one can witness how the bold contemporary style seamlessly accompanies the modern infusion of the Western landscape. An open concept is employed to add to the roomy feeling that the house gives off. The abundant windows that go from the ceiling to the floor help ensure that a lot of natural light brightens up the inside of the house. The artificial light fixtures situated in all of the areas of the residence are minimalist and plentiful. Because it is located in Wyoming, where the weather can get intense, the house keeps a high standard of energy efficiency.       


Inside the house, you can get a taste of the luxury that living here offers, as all of the pieces chosen perfectly suit the modern vibe. At the same time, the outside of the house gives a preview of the elegance that the building holds. The different shades of smooth wood add to the cozy, warm impression of the house. This habitat is the ideal mix of modernity and traditional elements for a home.

Contractor: Teton Heritage Builders


Place: Wyoming



Source: Expedition Log  Homes