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Welcoming Texas Vacation Timber Frame Cabin (14 HQ Pictures)

Welcoming Texas Vacation Timber Frame Cabin (14 HQ Pictures)

If you are tired with your typical vacation destinations and would rather spend it to some sweet getaway house that you have not tried yet, checking out this lovely Texas Vacation timber frame cabin is worth a try. Forget about your beaches, or mountain treks, and the like.

Why not spend it in some relaxing place wherein you can both unwind and feel the amazing effects solitude can bring to you, or spend it with your whole family to have a total fam blast. Who doesn’t want a stunning timber frame house for themselves during the summer months? We all want to experience living in such places once in a while, right?

In this vacation cabin, you will only see a house simply for relaxing. It is surrounded by an amazing garden that is pleasant to the eyes, which is very good for afternoon strolls or stargazing during the nights. The house also has an outdoor table and chairs for any barbecue or picnic activities that you can do with family and friends.

Also, when you fancy a swimming session, the pool area is ready to quench your summer feels. Inside, after a day of frolicking and activities, you would definitely want to relax and just crash on a soft warm bed. You will never be disappointed with this place since it has well-designed rooms– from the living area, dining space, and most especially their snug rooms. Harbour Living definitely builds great timber houses fit for the summers, so give them a try!

Stats: Around 2120 sq.ft., plans not available.

Harbour Living


Source: Harbour Living