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Ultra modern cabin that you would love to live in (14 HQ pictures)

Ultra modern cabin that you would love to live in (14 HQ pictures)

This ultra-modern cabin is proudly designed by Cargo Architecture. It is located in the central part of a boreal forest in Charlevoix, an eastern region in Quebec. This magnificent property is known as Villa Boréale. The villa is sitting on a slope of a private site that is surrounded by pine trees. Meanwhile, Quebec is known for skiing and its enthralling views. Thus, this sleek architectural design makes it attractive and just perfect where it is built.

A restricted materials pallet was used for this woodland vacation cottage. It has a simple yet beautiful swing set into its façade and a wood store that adds up to a picture of a usual cabin, but this one introduced a cabin in a new whole level. Inside the house, you’ll definitely see a basic yet state-of-the-art design. It flashes a monochromatic color that boasts an elegant place. The lightings in every room are just perfectly installed that it gives off a refreshing atmosphere even in the daylight. The furniture blends well with the total beauty of the house, which makes it more comfortable and peaceful for the occupants.


The main objective of this project is to present a theme, namely nature, and wildlife. Cargo Architecture did their very best to pull off the theme according to their client’s likes and preferences. They tried to reach out to their clients and inform them about the different aspects to be considered and future impacts of the site choice in the development of the project. This makes anyone who works with them more than satisfied.

Contractor: Cargo Architecture


Design team:  Charles-Bernard Gagnon, Gabriel Morissette, Samuel Houle, Katerine McKinnon

Photo / image credit:  Cargo Architecture inc., 1Px Photography

Area:   1800 sqft



Source: Cargo Architecture