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Modern Urban Farmhouse in Texas.

Modern Urban Farmhouse in Texas.

This modern urban farmhouse is surely a place to call home. Designed by Texas Timber Frames, the house perfectly mixes the concept of modern and farm life. The metal and concrete blend seamlessly to the plant and wood accents, giving a sense of freshness amidst the busy life. There is an abundance of green everywhere from the garden up front to the wide expanse of the lawn in the middle. This place is where families can relax, bond, and grow together.


The inside space is also well-designed. The fireplace is well-situated in the middle to distribute heat throughout the house for the cold winter nights. Nearby are the long soft, comfortable couches, perfect for snuggling. The high ceiling not only gives an illusion of space but also helps cool the house during summer. Large windows are everywhere, giving a picturesque view and allowing sunlight in to cast a natural glow on the things inside. These windows could also act as ventilation to let fresh, cool air in the house. In addition, the kitchen is spacious and beautifully lit. The wood furniture and accents give the kitchen a healthy organic feel. The simple yet classy dining area is spacious enough for a family to enjoy a meaningful conversation. The bedrooms have wide soft beds that could lull anyone to sleep; they also have windows that give a fantastic view of the outside landscape, ensuring anyone to wake up to a beautiful day.

This modern urban farmhouse is truly not one to disappoint.

Contractor: Texas Timber Frames

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Source: Texas Timber Frames