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Lovely Timber Frame Residence by The Lake (18 HQ Pictures)

Lovely Timber Frame Residence by The Lake (18 HQ Pictures)

The moment one sees this stunning Timber Frame Residence made by Magelby Construction, he will instantly behold its grandeur. Once a person stumbles upon this great place, he would most likely tour around and inspect the whole area to see up close how naturally interesting and alluring the whole place is.

With its huge space, staying in such a dwelling can be really exciting and overwhelming. With all its wonderful architectural designs and furnishings, one would truly feel like they are in a truly elegant getaway. From a distance, you can already say that the place is very regal. Even from afar, it is really inviting to look at because the exterior is not the only highlight of the place, but the additional structures and the overall landscape also bring forth extra beauty in the area. Just staying in a house with a lake next to it is certainly a bonus, especially when one is into sightseeing or fishing; a bridge is also built wherein residents are able to stroll about.

Internally, the house is also majestic. The consistency of its elegant atmosphere is maintained inside since it is fully furnished with lovely fixtures. The house has several world-class bedrooms graciously fitted with luxurious bunk beds and mattresses, the bathrooms are grandly designed for comfort, the kitchen and counter serves as a lovely place for cookouts, the dining room is lavishly arranged making each meal time very much stately, and the general living space is kept cool and beautiful that a person living in the Timber Frame Residence can’t help but fall in love with its charm.

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