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Fancy take on a rustic log house – must-see (19 HQ pictures)

Fancy take on a rustic log house – must-see (19 HQ pictures)

This fancy rustic log house was designed by Miller Architects, LTD. It is located in a secluded area of forest service in Big Sky, Montana with the size of 3, 500 sq. ft; Because of its location, it is completely off the grid, utilizing only solar array panels as the source of electrical power for the whole house.

This house is huge in size and can accommodate large families. This stunning log house offers three masters suites and two bunk rooms, which all have a rustic yet cozy ambiance. Most furniture pieces in this house are also wooden. The owner has had a high maintenance done to retain the grandeur of the house. There is also a large screened porch that you can have a small nook while enjoying a cup of coffee every morning.

This fancy cabin can also be a vacation place for families who want to spend a day or two away from their hectic schedule. Its peaceful surroundings can free you from the stressful busy streets of the city. Not only that but owners can also set a family gathering in which their children, grandchildren, and extended family can strengthen their close family ties.



There are outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy as well. One can go horseback riding or go hiking. For those who prefer low-key outdoor activities, then this lodge will serve as a welcoming retreat after a long day. But for those who are more of an indoor person, you may read books in the mini library.

Moreover, this cabin is specifically made for individuals that want to awaken their love for nature and wildlife. The trees around the area will raise your appreciation and preservation of the environment. Because of nature’s charm and enticing beauty, it would make you love the idea of living in a cabin.


Contractor: Miller Architects, LTD


Location: Big Sky, Montana

Size: 3,500 sq. ft.

Built: 2012




Source: Miller Architects, LTD