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Cozy Mountain Retreat for Single Individuals or Young Couples. (8 HQ Pictures)

Cozy Mountain Retreat for Single Individuals or Young Couples.  (8 HQ Pictures)

If you are looking for a home design that is unique and out of ordinary, yet elegant and sophisticated at the same time, then this retreat house built by Sok Designs is a great inspiration.


The first thing you’ll notice is the quirky structure of the house. This is not your conventional square or rectangular structure; instead, it has a free shape that catches anyone’s attention right away. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls give the air of elegance that you want in a house. It is a perfect choice that allows you to appreciate the stunning view outside. The location is also another plus. You can enjoy the scenic view of the lake nearby, the lush green trees surrounding the area, as well as the view of the mountains. There is also a small outdoor patio for you and your loved ones to relax and just be with nature. What’s even more remarkable about this house is its roof! Just look at those flowers growing on the roof. They resemble those cute wood cabins in Disney movies.

When it comes to the interior of the house, the design and arrangement are very practical. Since the place is not that abundant in space, the layout makes use of every little space available. Upon entry, you can immediately see the living-dining room before you will be lead to the bedroom. A fireplace is also added in the dining room, which is perfect for the cooler season. Overall, Sok Designs did a fantastic job with this retreat house.

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Sok Designs

Source: Sok Designs