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Beautiful Timber Cabin w/ Amazing Fireplace!

Beautiful Timber Cabin w/ Amazing Fireplace!

Nothing quite compares to this beautifully built timber home. It is as unique as the people who would live in it. Fascinatingly, it is made for people with that special preference of home living. This outstanding cabin with a fireplace, which is professionally designed by Honest Abe Log Homes, is made of high-quality timber and lives up to the game.

It has a spacious area that is perfect for at least a family of five. Outside, it has a minimalist design fit for those who’d like to keep it simple. The balcony has a good area for holding parties, either small family gatherings or just for relaxation. On the other hand, the interior is the one that keeps the guests entertained. It echoes an astonishing world-class architecture, starting from the living room, kitchen, and bedroom and even the bathroom. Everything is indeed breathtaking!


Do you have any problems with lighting? Don’t fret because you will fancy this house. Due to its high ceiling, natural light perfectly crawls to every corner of the room, making the shiny wooden floors, wall, and furniture look even livelier plus economical. Love casual date nights and talks at home while enjoying everybody’s company? No problem! The house has an excellent spot for that in the living room with a fireplace. Also, interestingly, cooking has never been fun in the kitchen! The wooden counter has enough space to work on those meals while the family waits for it at the round table. The kitchen area is also considerably wide. Simply put, the cabin has everything one needs for a cozy timber home!

Contractor: Honest Abe Log Homes

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Source: Honest Abe Log Homes