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Awesome 3978 sq. ft. Log Home Kit from $99,069

Awesome 3978 sq. ft. Log Home Kit from $99,069

It is a common approach to promise the city folk that a cabin getaway can guarantee a “home away from home” type of ambiance. But why rent it when you can build it? If you find yourself to be one who enjoys grand spaces and luxurious architecture, then the Log Home Kit is just the blueprint you need in jumpstarting your dream home.  Luckily, Naturecraft Homes has taken the stead in shaping your dream home to fit the likes of a king.


As the structure is basically formed by stacked logs, this cozy cabin can be neatly nestled in the woods without looking like a stain on a white dress. The polished wooden panels promise a clean and sturdy exterior, the perfect shelter against those colder and windier winter nights. The wrap-around patio encourages homebodies to have meals al fresco during summer mornings, as well as nightcaps from a long, hard day’s work. The home also features an all-around elevation from the ground using a combination of cement and wooden stilts. This minimizes the risk of incoming flood, as well as an accumulation of snow or mud from barring the home when Mother Nature is feeling quite irate.

Large glass windows envelop the house, filling it with natural light and allowing a picturesque view to overwhelm the guests both day and night. This three-storey home offers four beds and bathrooms which are more than enough to satisfy your family’s basic needs.

Contractor: Naturecraft Homes


Beds: 4 / Baths: 4 1/2
Total Square Footage: 3978
Main Floor: 2230 / Second Floor: 1748 / Porches: 1998


Standard Package: $99,069
Premium Package: $133,338
Green Package: $178,671

Source: Naturecraft Homes