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A Timber Home for $79,100

A Timber Home for $79,100

This big timber mansion is one of the coziest timber homes ever built. It is a big mansion-like timber house that uses some of the sturdiest logs and wood pieces to build. It is a three-story house that contains a ground floor, second floor, and a nice little attic at the top. It is also roofed with metal platings that are extremely sturdy and can withstand the harsh elements that may fall on it. This home,  made by Coventry Log Homes, is also situated beside the river which means that when you look out the window, you will meet a breathtaking view. The view is both pleasing to the eyes and relaxing to the mind. It is the best house for people who love the sea breeze and the scenery.


As for the interior design of the house, the house is extremely spacious and has a charming living room that includes a little brick fireplace. This living room is perfect for entertaining guests and giving the homeowners a cozy environment where they can relax and just have a chitchat with friends. The house also has a really beautiful kitchen with furniture pieces that are made out of very high-quality wood.

The second floor is a bedroom with a very nice bathroom.  Outside of the second floor, there is also a balcony to relax and look at the very beautiful view of the river. Lastly, we’ve got the third floor or the top floor that can act as an attic. At the top level, there is a bed to serve as an extra room where people can sleep in. Overall, this timber house is fantastic and also an ideal home for those who would want to have a relaxing environment to live in.

Contractor: Coventry Log Homes


Foot Print: 26′ x 34′
Sq. Ft. 1,352
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 3

Price:  6×8 Complete Package $79,100

Source: Coventry Log Homes