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Gorgeous Timber Home with Spectacular Porch

Gorgeous Timber Home with Spectacular Porch

Go home to this lovely timber home by Caribou Creek Log & Timber. You will never be tempted to do overtime at work or accept those invitations to have a drink in town again if you’ve lived and stayed at this gorgeous house. Already mystified by the exterior? You will be even more pleased by the inside. Come in and see the beauty of this dazzling home.


Just the trip towards the driveway will already give you a sense of homey feel. Those beautiful light fixtures will just shine through the night. The house will be like a beacon, inviting those who pass to enjoy the warmth it exudes. Interior will be very homey. Perfect for winter, just the view will warm you up. Grand lighting highlights those wooden timbers that are just brilliant. Those arches on the fireplace create a very rustic effect. Be surprised to see a kitchen with a Victorian motif. The perfect accent to the rest of the house. The master bedroom is fit for royalty with the beautiful fireplace and high ceiling. And just as impressive, the bathroom will wow those who go inside.

And the selling point of the house– the porch is beyond beautiful. Go outside for a nice, relaxing environment and enjoy the sunset. The house is designed as a homey, elegant home. The touch of brown is very pleasing to the eyes with little touches of red that complement the whole scene. It is very picturesque, and the wood is simply lovely.

Contractor: Caribou Creek Log & Timber

Stats:  Not shared by contractor.

Price: Not shared by contractor.

Source: Caribou Creek Log & Timber