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Modern take on an old wooden farmhouse (21 HQ pictures)

Modern take on an old wooden farmhouse (21 HQ pictures)

Do you want to live in a neighborhood near the city, but your other half wants to live in the countryside? Then, this place is for you! This house designed by Teasleys Modern Farmhouse is located in a fun-little acre forest in Brentwood. It may be surrounded by nature, giving you a feeling of peace and solitude, but the property is actually not far away from the buzzling town center. This farmhouse is situated in a safe subdivision with plenty of scenic views to offer. Furthermore, in just 2 minutes, you’ll be able to reach the grocery store and have a fun shopping at any local store.

Don’t belittle its simplistic architectural design from the outside though for when you get to see the inside of this house, you’ll definitely fall in love with its exquisite design. This state-of-the-art house is fully furnished with high-end furniture. The other furniture pieces may look old, but they were beautifully made with meticulous skills and without failing the modern sense of it. In addition to that, the floor has a touch of Alabama because it is made of “10 Alabama heart pine,” which suits the house very well.


The house has an open-concept of living room and kitchen, which is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite TV show while preparing or eating your dinner. The kitchen space allows you to pay a close watch to your children, whether they are in the living room or in the kitchen area. Lastly, because it gives off a peaceful vibe, this is a perfect place for you to host intimate dinners with close friends and family or a romantic meal with your lover.

Contractor: Teasleys Modern Farmhouse





Source: The Southern Weddings


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